• Our Zinc Oxide was designed with the same obsession that we put into all of our products, and always with the athlete and pitch-side physio in mind!

    We went through countless protoypes and samples before we arrived at this tape. It’s designed to tape fast and to last, no matter what you or Mother Nature throws at it. With an excellent adhesion, and high tensile strength, our Zinc is perfect for locking down joints.

  • We firmly believe there are no rules, only guidelines. Our key tips are to always keep an open mind, be fliexible and that practice makes perfect! To help you along the way we've created the following videos and PDF user guides.

    REMEMBER - Whether you're a seasoned taping pro or a first timer the same principles apply:

    • Fully assess
    • Question if you actually need to apply tape?
    • Decide what's the best taping technique
  • Designed in the UK, our Zinc Oxide is made from a premium grade cotton, offering several essential benefits:.

    • Hand tearable
    • Highly tensile
    • Smooth unwind
    • A strong adhesion
    • Latex & allergy free
    • (1.25cm, 2.5cm, 3.8cm) x 10m