Our TAPE ON Pre-Tape spray has been created to give that extra adhesion when you need it most. Ideal for shoulder , ankle and foot applications.


TAPE ON pre-tape spray improves the adhesion of all sports tapes.

Designed for use with any adhesive sports tape; Kinesiology Tapes, Zinc Oxide Tapes, EAB (Elastic Adhesive Bandages) etc.

It's ideal for shoulder, ankle and foot applications.

HOW DOES IT WORK? - By adding an additional layer of glue to the skin it dramatically improves adhesion in challenging areas.

HOW TO APPLY - Shake well, spray onto the area, wait 30-60 seconds, then apply your tape.  


Our pre-tape spray is different from others; it's designed to stick to skin not to everything. Is mildly scented and features a pump spray for more effective use.

EXTRA TACKY - Our unique formulation strikes the right balance between tackiness and aggressiveness.

PUMP SPRAY - Get more from the can. Aerosols can leave 10-20% behind. Our non-aerosol pump spray means more control and minimal waste.



APPLICATIONS - One bottle can provide extra stick for over 100 taping applications.

HOW LONG WILL IT LAST?- It has been designed to last one application.

HOW DO I REMOVE IT? - Once you've removed the tape from the skin, the best option for removing excessive residue is warm soapy water and a cloth.

IMPORTANT - This product is extremely flammable. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees and certainly don't spray near an open flame.