• Born from an obsession over quality and affordability, our kinesiology tape provides unrivalled performance.

    Our flagship kinesiology tape made its debut in 2012 and has become a firm favourite with professional tapers and athletes alike. With uncompromising adhesion, premium grade fabric and greater stretch, we know it wont let you down.

  • We firmly believe there are no rules, only guidelines. Our key tips are to always keep an open mind, be fliexible and that practice makes perfect! To help you along the way we've created the following videos and PDF user guides.

    REMEMBER - Whether you're a seasoned taping pro or a first timer the same principles apply:

    • Fully assess
    • Question if you actually need to apply tape?
    • Decide what's the best taping technique
  • Designed in the UK, our kinesiology tape is waterproof, sweatproof and designed for the heat of battle. Our 10cm rolls are the perfect size for the larger muscle groups such as the hamstrings.

    • Extra Sticky Adhesion. Lasts 3-5 Days
    • Hypoallergenic, Latex & Zinc FREE
    • Water Resistant & Sweatproof
    • 180% Stretch & Greater Recoil (increased proprioception)
    • 5-10 Applications per roll
    • Fabric: 96% Cotton, 4% Nylon & Spandex
    • Size: 10cm x 5m