SPORTTAPE is being used by some of the UK's best athletes, teams and medical professionals. Here is just a small snapshot of the users feeling the benefit:


SPORTTAPE Testimonial - Team Raleigh GAC




“A big thank you to SPORTTAPE for supplying us with the best kinesiology tape around to keep the Team Raleigh GAC boys in top condition. Pro Cycling is a tough sport and SPORTTAPE Flex gives our riders the confidence that they can push their bodies when required. The best situation for the team is to have 100% good health, and to never need to apply the tape, but the reality is that SPORTTAPE is an essential product in our team carers arsenal; and even better that is comes in Team Raleigh GAC colours”


 SPORTTAPE Testimonial - Norwich City FC



“At Norwich City Football Club’s Academy, we have used K-tapes for the last five years and have found SPORTTAPE K-tape to be easier to apply, more durable and of superior quality compared to any other K-tape on the market for use in the elite sports environment”


SPORTTAPE Testimonial - England Touch




“Our medical team report it’s quality over and above it’s competitors and that SPORTTAPE is a high quality product that is always very well received among all our athletes. It allows effective rehabilitation after injury enabling our players to be back to peak performance quickly. Players and referees alike use strapping and taping to assist general movement and minimise discomfort”


SPORTTAPE Testimonial - England Netball




"I have been using SPORTTAPE for the last 2 years whilst working as Lead Physio for England Netball. SPORTTAPE is an effective taping product providing a good balance between flexibility and support when applied on varying levels of tension. One of the key requirements from any tape is its adhesive quality and this is something that we haven’t found to be an issue with SPORTTAPE. Even in the non-contact world of Netball tape staying in place is a challenge. The variety of colours and widths also make it popular with athletes as well as myself. The extra wide tape has meant less repeated applications and less tape required which is great for athletes who are using it on a daily basis"


Rhodri Beynon - Welsh Record Weightlifting for SPORTTAPE

"SPORTTAPE have helped me out massively over the last couple of months by supporting me and donating tape to help preparation for my major competitions and for the training in the build-up. I use SPORTTAPE to help me recover from competitions and hard training sessions, to prevent me from getting an injury, and I can honestly say it 100% works. I'll keep on using for the rest of my life"


Niam Mohammad Uses SPORTTAPE

"SPORTTAPE offers exceptional value for money, along with excellent customer service. This combination of great product and service is the reason I have been ordering regularly since March 2014! Furthermore, I found their kinesiology taping course to be extremely beneficial and worthwhile, and would recommend to any medical professional"