Our relentless focus to produce the best sports tapes in the World, has led us to all corners of the globe. We've saught the best fabrics, glues and manufacturers to create our tapes, just the way we want them.



  • BLEND - SPORTTAPE K TAPE is constructed from an organic cotton& nylon blendto provide a perfect blend of flexibility, recoil & support.
  • TIGHT KNIT - Our tape is constructed from fine quality yarns to give superior performance and importantly, prevent fraying when cut.
  • BREATHABILITY- Our tape is incredibly breathable, meaning it can be worn for up to 5 days, at which point we'd recommend taking it off.


  • TWO OPTIONS - Our Standard adhesion is perfect for sensitive skin, whilst our Extra Sticky adhesion was created for intense exercise.
  • FORMULATION - Created from a combination of Acrylate Line & Ethyl Acetate, it is hypoallergenic and leaves minimal residue on the skin.
  • WAVE PATTERN - Our wave pattern is more pronounced, meaning greater response, adhesion, breathability & less irritation.


  • UNILATERAL STRETCH - SPORTTAPE K Tape provides 150-180% unilateral stretch without losing shape or recoil, which should mean longer lasting effects!
  • WATER RESISTANT - SPORTTAPE K Tape is treated with a waterproof coating that doesn't affect breathability. Yet prevents water and sweat from affecting the stick!
  • WATERPROOF - Designed specifically for athletes and sport SPORTTAPE K Tape can last through multiple washes & intense exercise.



  • TRIED & TESTED - All our our tapes are extensively tested by multiple teams and athletes all across the UK before they get into your hands.
  • EXTENSIVE OPTIONS - You ask, we listen! We were consistently getting requests to increase the widths available on our most popular tapes, so we did!
  • FULL RANGE - Our rigid tape range includes extremely high quality Zinc Oxide, Zinc Tan, EAB, Cohesive and Underwrap!


  • BLEND - All of our Rigid tapes use only the finest quality cotton or Rayon (Zinc Oxide Tan), making them incredibly strong, yet also very light!
  • BREATHABLE - All of our tapes are breathable, meaning once they are stuck and set you don't have to worry about them not lasting the full game!
  • HAND TEAR - We know how important it is before a game to be able to tape FAST. That's why all of our Rigid tapes can be ripped by hand.


  • LATEX FREE - All of the tapes across the SPORTTAPE range are hypoallergenic. All of our tapes are made using latex free materials and glues.
  • EXTRA STICKY - We use the same Extra Sticky glue on our Zinc Oxide Tan tapes that is found on our Extra Sticky Kinesiology Tape!
  • NO GLUE PLEASE - Our Cohesive and Underwrap tapes offer adhesion-free options and are perfect for using underneath other tapes!


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