KATE-ANNE KELLY - Chief Whip & Founder

The Eureka moment came after I was treated using kinesiology tape for yet another sports related injury. From then I was on a mission to tell anyone and everyone about the tape. Soon, I was referring so many people that they started to ask where they could buy the tape to apply it themselves. The proverbial penny then dropped.

  • FACT: I have represented two different countries in two different sports
  • SPORT: A fair weather mountain biker
  • WHAT I DO: Being at the helm of SPORTTAPE means I have a hand in everything from marketing to sales and making regular cups of tea!

CARL AUSTIN - Consultant Extraordinaire

In no particular order sport, product design & coffee are my obsessions. So it must have been fate that drew me to SPORTTAPE. I spend most nights, guzzling espresso, researching products and dreaming up our next adventure.

  • FACT: I've been sledging with our future king
  • SPORT: Was rugby now bad table tennis
  • WHAT I DO: Fantasize about global brand domination and how we can produce the best products and service possible.


IEUAN THOMAS - Sales, Marketing & Operations

I run, a lot, and sometimes I manage to do it quite quickly! I've had my fair share of injuries and saw first-hand the benefits of SPORTTAPE, so it was no wonder I ended up here. You will quite often find me running the streets of Caerphilly with Tom before we hit the office.

  • FACT: I've won Welsh Championships at every distance from 800m to Half-Marathon!
  • SPORT: A runner through and through. Road, Track, Trail - I love it all.
  • WHAT I DO: Find ways to spread the word of SPORTTAPE around the world and offer the best customer service that is humanly possible.

TOM MARSHALL - Sales, Business Development & Squid

I have an absolute love for sport, and have grown up taking part in a multitude of sports before finally settling as a runner. For me, SPORTTAPE represents everything that is good about a sports company - great product, great people and the opportunity to make a difference and help fellow athletes.

  • FACT: I studied my MBA in Tulsa, Oklahoma on a running scholarship. Living the dream.
  • SPORT: Yes I run, but you'll often find me engaged in the Saturday afternoon football.
  • WHAT I DO: Get on the road and turn everyone I meet into a SPORTTAPE and Squid enthusiast!

ROB MADDEN - ACADEMY Director, Physiotherapist & Boarder

Rob is possibly the best male multi-tasker we know! He's a senior physiotherapist at the prestigious Centre for Health & Human Performance was a key member for the Canadian Snowboard medical team at SOCHI 2014 and also directs the SPORTTAPE Academy. He has an obsession with taping techniques and an unrivalled passion for his trade. Outside of taping, he has a special interest in spinal dysfunction, IMS acupuncture needling and tendinopathies.


PATRICK HARDING - ACADEMY Director, Physiotherapist & Gaelic Footballer

Alongside Rob, Patrick forms an formidable partnership. Sharing the same obsession for taping as Rob, he's highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. At the moment he splits his time between the pitch and the lake, playing Gaelic and working with the GB Sprint Kayaking team. We feel really privileged to have Patrick on-board.