Rob Madden: Experience and Development as a Physio

July 18, 2018 3 min read

Where did I gain my best experience?

I will try to keep this answer simple. It was always working alongside someone in the flesh. Naturally, I learnt a lot through my own reading study but you really can’t put a price on the benefits of shared working.

This came through working with some great S&C coaches, doctors, physios, psychologists and nutritionists. I have fond memories of working with people like Matt Fisher (Canada Sport Institute). We used to jointly assess / train the professional snowboarders we were working with and always looking to learn from one another to better our approach and athlete support. 

And of course, Patrick. I have spent so many hours with him professionally and personally and I can say that in many aspects I would not be where I am today without his support. My advice is to work with as many great practitioners as you can. Ask questions and soak it up. One day you’ll be on the receiving end answering them!

How is life with a professional team?

Fantastic! Be prepared to muck in. You are there to support each other. So it is important to go above and beyond your duty. Pay attention to how your athletes and fellow staff are doing in themselves.

It is easy to get burnt out when things get heavy. I have seen this particularly around Olympic cycles. Look out for those close to you and above all look after your own health. Life with a team may not be for everyone but I am so thankful to have dozens of brilliant memories from life on the road!

Favourite day on the job?

I think this one is pretty easy and will never be beaten. I have been fortunate enough to have been part of Anthony Joshua’s support team since he turned professional. So the best day of my career was certainly the Wembley World Championship fight against Vladimir Klitschko.

When you work with someone so closely you always hope for the best for them. That night was truly special and it was like someone in my family was getting in to the ring. Everyone close to him professionally and personally was deeply proud of what he achieved.

Beyond this one epic night, it is so positive to see how he has remained bound to his core values like humility, commitment, friendship and family loyalty. His mindset has influenced me very positively and the energy you feel around the fights is hard to put into words. 

How SPORTTAPE has helped me in my career?

SPORTTAPE has helped with a great deal of painful or functional impairments over the years. There have also been several big performance examples where it has really helped me support an athlete to be able to compete or train.

I often use the tape in the early days while the client is building their conditioning / rehab and then wean off it. You can read more about my views on the myths and misconceptions of tape here an old blog.

SPORTTAPE as a company have also been a fantastic place for Patrick and I to have evolved our education and teaching methods. The company have a brilliant back room set up and have always been so supportive and innovative in how they do things.   

Most used SPORTTAPE application?

I wish I had the actual statistic for this! I would say it is probably a classic patella femoral knee application. Could definitely do that one with my eyes closed!

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