Essential Courses for Physiotherapists

July 11, 2018 1 min read

Outside of practical experience we do need to ensure we have the correct skill set to equip ourselves in the sporting environment.

The courses for me that are essential to being successful in sports from a manual therapy perspective are:

  • Acute Sport / Pitch Side Trauma: both the Intermediate Care in Sport (ICS) run by the RFU and the Level 5 Pitch Side through the FA are excellent environments to get to grips with acute sports trauma. You have a responsibility to keep the people in your care and yourself safe, these are a major step towards doing this!
  • Foundations In Acupuncture course run by the AACP or Dry Needling though OMT
  • Mulligans NAGS, SNAGS & MWM’s
  • Grade 5 Manipulations course
  • Sports Massage diploma

And last but certainly not least:

  • Sports taping application, both kinesiology and zinc – there’s a company called SPORTTAPE who are pretty decent…

In my day to day clinical intervention I’ve used SPORTTAPE as a really important adjunct in the rehabilitation process. It doesn’t replace our necessity to reason and rehabilitate but facilitates the transition from one phase of rehab to another, build confidence from an athlete perspective and protect movement integrity.

The applications I use most frequently have varied depending on the athlete group I’ve work with but overall the anterior knee application is probably the one I find most adaptable, as it brings the greatest benefits both from a pain and movement stand point, but also allows the greatest diagnostic specificity.

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