Talking Tape With Murray Collier

August 13, 2015

This week we were able to catch up with Murray Collier of Murray Collier Massage. Being based in Edinburgh, Murray's business is going from strength to strength and it was great to hear a little more about what he does.

What was it about Sports Therapy that made you want a career in it?

Whilst studying health & fitness at college I learned that Sports Therapy was a possible progression opportunity and after reading all the cool-sounding modules I had my heart set on the course. Years later I’ve treated hundreds of patients, developed my own business and still love it just as much. With my experience in Sports Therapy, I believe it provides people with the results they want but the treatment approach can be adapted much more between individuals depending on their lifestyle. Sports Therapy is also the appropriate route for me to get to physiotherapy whilst getting an amazing amount experience along the way which will make me a more personable physio.

Do you have a specific injury you like to treat the most?

I like working with the low-back and pelvis as I find it challenging but very interesting.

Other than SPORTTAPE what other treatments do you like using the most?

Massage. Patients absolutely love it and it gives me a great chance to give advice and motivate them, and if I expect they’re trying to snooze through my stories I will increase the pressure accordingly.

How do you find having to manage your own business and also treating a number of clients each day?

It has been challenging but I find the clinical side of things the easiest part and when the balance right between massaging, taping and prescribing corrective exercises is right, it isn’t too tiring at all. The hardest part has been building my website and getting it up the rankings which I had to do at the same time as studying which was a bit of a nightmare but I have got to page one for most search terms within a year.

What are your ambitions for the next 12 months within your business?

I hope to expand progressively and have happy staff members in the next 12 months. I’d also like to work with some other companies, teams and at some events. Working in a busy sports massage clinic in the city when I first started out was extremely stressful and myself and colleagues regularly felt under-appreciated, my goal is to use this negative experience to create a positive one and have a team that absolutely love working with me, each other and the patients they treat.

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