SPORTTAPE Traditional Tapes

April 20, 2015

Two years in the making and the result of painstaking attention to detail, we're delighted to launch our range of traditional tapes! Just like our kinesiology tape we wanted to offer a range of products that provide unrivaled value.

Evolution rather than a revolution

We worked closely with some of the countries leading taping experts and athletes to discover exactly what they look for in a tape. Support, tensile strength, rigidity, conformity, tear-ability, the list goes on. Ultimately every taper has their own personal preferences but we believe we have struck the right balance between performance and value for money.

Grow slowly but surely

We like to take our time. Four years ago we started with a single 5m roll of kinesiology tape. Now we have multiple sizes, colors and adhesion levels. We plan to do the same with our rigid tapes. Hence we've started with a very small but popular range of colors and sizes. We want to grow slowly, to listen to you and make sure we perfected our range.

So we're starting with; Rigid Zinc Oxide, Rigid Zinc Oxide Tan, Cohesive, EAB and Foam Underwrap. We're also offering 20% OFF until the 1st of May. So get ordering now and have a play, we think you'll be impressed!


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