Talking Tape With Erica Stone

August 21, 2014 3 min read

This week's talking tape is brought to us by Erica Stone of Stone Sports Therapy. We were intrigued to find out about why she chose sports therapy as a career and her use of SPORTTAPE. Read on to find out!

What made you get into sports therapy? 

I’ve always been a big sports person - wanting to try everything and anything from a young age. As I grew up I became more and more interested in the human body and how it worked and why injuries occurred. I remember watching a programme about the history of Stoke Mandeville Hospital and thinking it was amazing how they helped people and I wanted to be able to do that one day. 
I continued my love for sport by going to University at Loughborough to study Sport and Exercise Science and whilst there I trained to be a sports massage therapist. This alongside anatomy & physiology and structural kinesiology lectures really sparked my passion for learning about the functions of the body and how to improve it. 
Once I graduated I was recommended a sports therapy course at an interview after discussing my aims and future goals and I researched it for another year to ensure it was right for me. I started studying with Active Health Group in Manchester and it was the best decision I ever made - I learnt so much, the teaching was amazing and its enabled me to work in the career I love, build my own business, and spend my days helping people get active, recover from injury and overall just improve their daily lives. Who wouldn't want that from their career?
I have a big sporting background - which is what directed me more towards sports therapy, however, for me its important to emphasise that sports therapy is not just about helping sports people - its about helping everyone and anyone who is experiencing aches, pains and niggles in everyday life. Some of my most satisfying moments in this career have come from treating non-sporting people and getting feedback such as “Im feeling so much better and haven't had any pain since I saw you. I even managed to clean the house today!’. Moments like that make this career so rewarding.

What is it about SPORTTAPE that you find beneficial as a treatment method? 

I think SPORTTAPE is a great aid to the soft tissue treatment that I do to help aid recovery/prevention from injury, reduce pain and help assist in improving performance and overall achieving a clients goals by increasing blood flow and nutrients to the muscles. 
Clients always seem to enjoy being taped - I think it provides them a sense of support and security as well as giving them a positive psychological benefit which can never be a bad thing.
I tend to use SPORTTAPE most when I’m working at a sporting event/competition particularly with athletes who are performing a number of physical activities in a short amount of time. I use it as a way to help prevent fatigue and injury and to reduce pain in any pre-existing problems.

Do you find yourself explaining what SPORTTAPE is to your clients and how do you go around doing it? 

Clients always ask me what SPORTTAPE is, why I’m using it and what it does. I tend to explain it the simplest terms by describing what its does; the glue pattern allows the superficial layer of skin to be lifted, which creates more space under the taped area allowing an increase in blood supply and nutrients to the muscles. I then explain that this can have many benefits including assisting in recovery from injury, reduce muscle fatigue, reduce pain, improve performance and help to prevent injury.

Are they any other treatments that you find work well alongside SPORTTAPE?

In clinic I tend to use SPORTTAPE alongside IASTM - I find the IASTM is a great technique to release sticky fascia, adding SPORTTAPE after the treatment further increases the benefits and gives the results I am aiming for with clients. 
I choose SPORTTAPE because I've found its stickier/more adhesive than other brands and lasts longer.

What do you have planned for the near future as a sports therapist? 

I have lots of plans to continue and progress as a sports therapist. I have a few things lined up for the next few months; next on my list is a dry needling course - but I'm always keeping my eye out for CPD opportunities that will allow me to grow and develop as a therapist and be able to provide my clients with even more. 
I am also starting to teach sports massage in September this year which Im really excited about!

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